The Taurid meteor showers are active, and if Mother Nature can move the clouds away for just a few hours, you may catch a glimpse of a fireball or two.

The South and North Taurids are active every year between late October and early December, and can usually peak about this time of year.  Although, both are "long-spread out" meteor showers, and can last a very long time, so we have cloud cover here in Maine a few nights this week, don't worry!

The night of this Wednesday, November 6th, could be a peak night for the South Taurid, according to, and one could see up to five fireballs per hour.

The National Weather Service is cloudy skies with rain this Tuesday night to begin with, then turning partly cloudy after midnight.  Wednesday night should see partly cloudy skies, so that may be a good night to look to the heavens above.  The next chance to see between the clouds may be this coming Saturday night.



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