There are many great reasons to give a little of your time to help others in our community. I have had the privilege over the year working in radio to volunteer for many things meeting both the helpful and the helped and it is amazing. And good news for me helping others is also great for my health and wellbeing.

The website Create the Good touts many benefits for volunteers including:

  1. Decrease your risk of depression.
  2. Enjoy a sense of purpose and fulfillment
  3. Increase your self-confidence
  4. Stay physically and mentally active.
  5. Reduce stress levels.
  6. Experience “The Happiness Effect.”
  7. Live longer.
  8. Find opportunities around the world.Volunteering can open up opportunities to go abroad, as many organizations and programs put on “voluntourism” trips across the globe. And great news for everyone here in Maine, our state is full of volunteering opportunities both indoors and outdoors with young and old.

Click here to see all the ways you can help that suit your time and personality. Seriously, there are 55 pages of ways to volunteer right here.

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