On This Friday, it's all about the road food! Where's your go-to spot when it comes to snacks for the road?

JStew: I eat at the weirdest times, typically. So it can be a crap-shoot for where my first meal comes from. I get up so early every day, that I start getting hungry for breakfast around 4:30-5:00am. So, consequently, I'm ready for lunch around 10:30-11:00am. So I may live on a bit more gas station food than I should. I love pizza from the Tradewinds in Hampden, but I also get a lot of snacks at the Big Apple right at the end of Acme Road, down the street from work. I stop there often enough that it required getting a frequent flyer card for coffee, hahaha.

Cori: Don't judge me, but I grew up walking up to the 7-11 that used to be on State Street and Bangor after school. I'd get a hot dog and a Slush Puppy. I have my favorite things at my favorite spots. For instance, when I worked at WABI years ago, and was pregnant with my first child, after every single story, on the way back to the station, we'd hit up the Leadbetter's and get Chocolate Milk, a vanilla pudding and a Belgian Waffle they have such good waffles!) I love grabbing a quick sandwich from the Tradewinds by my house. Freshies has yummy pizza. And the only place I've found that they sell my daughter's favorite Ginger Cookies is G&M Market on Route 1A. The Levant Corner Store has some delicious milk shakes/ice cream creations. And you can always count on Dysarts for mouth-watering cookies and whoopie pies. We're lucky here in Eastern Maine, because more often than not, there are always tasty treasures to be found at our awesome gas stations and convenience stores!

We're all hungry people, and we're all hungry to read each other's answers to see where the prime snack spot is.

George Bulmer In the Bangor Area? ... I often stop at the Irving in Orono after dropping off or kicking up my son from UMaine.
Mary Klein Drouin Dysart's in Newburgh
Shawnna Farley Hilltop Freshies in Ellsworth
Kari Jo Davis Dysarts, or not a gas station but, my favorite is governor's in orono
Bobbie Lindsey No gas but for a convenience store it has to be Toot's Deli in Dexter.
Dylan Fairmount Market usually has Zagnut. It's a rarity. The Surry Store is a good spot, too.
Steve The gas station up on the corner of Union and Griffin always had those steamed hot dogs with onions and squeezy things filled with cheese and chili.


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