Those who say "love don't cost a thing" aren't pet owners. It seems pet owners will pay almost any price for the best care for their beloved animal friends.

According to a recent survey by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)The pet veterinary industry was once an offshoot of livestock care. Today, an overwhelming majority of owners, 98 percent, say they consider their pets as "family members or companions," compared to 2 percent who still consider them "property," .

Yes, times are a changing and many corporations like M&M Mars are looking to cash in on your devotion creating insurance/wellness programs and buying into vet practices. Trust me I am no one to point a finger at pet owners looking for protection and more time with their beloved fur baby.  My bunny's teeth have shifted in such a way we visit a veterinary dentist twice a year and in my mind it is worth every penny to keep her healthy and with me as long as possible, and I am far from alone.

Consumer spending on veterinary care rose from $4.9 billion in 1991 to $28 billion in 2012 -- more than triple the rate of inflation.

This surge in the industry has even caused an investigative report by the NBC news which gives us some tips to make sure we aren't taken to the cleaners.

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