I know it probably seems atypical for a 6'2", bald, tattooed drummer to be at all concerned with the migration patterns of hummingbirds. But I absolutely love those little birds. I put feeders up all over my property in hopes that wherever I might be hanging out, I will see hummers feeding. It's honestly one of my Top 5 summer activities.

And every year, right around now, I start t wonder how long it'll take them to get this far north. Obviously, unlike other birds, they're diet is pretty specific. While they do eat some bugs, they rely mostly on nectar from flowers, and from feeders that folks put out. Right now, there definitely not remotely enough flowers to get them up this far, haha.

So, where are they? Every year I go to HummingbirdCentral.com, because they have this awesome interactive map of the annual hummer migration. You can zoom in pretty far to get a pretty precise gauge on where they're at. For instance, right now, there have been sightings as far north as Rhode Island. That's not bad! Probably a few more weeks, and we'll see start to see them around here.

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It'll definitely be a few more weeks before they get up here. But, it also means I have to get ready for them. I have to get my feeders cleaned up, and be prepared to start making nectar a gallon at a time. I make my own. the stuff you buy in the store can be sketchy. And all they really need is good old sugar water that you can do yourself.

And for the love of god.... don't use the red nectar you see in stores. I don't even know why it's allowed on the shelves. It's extremely toxic for hummers, and can even kill them. Having feeders that are colored red is helpful, but honestly, and bright colors will do. Just think like a flower, haha.

If you've never put out feeders before, go simple. They make some pretty elaborate ones that aren't necessary, but are pretty expensive. Keep it simple. But I tell you, once you get your first feeder out, and they start fleeting about, you'll want them everywhere. You'll learn they're jerks to each other, but that's just another part of the fun to watch.

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