Tonight’s mystery artists as a young group were playing in France and almost didn’t make it to the hotel giving a limo driver a hard time plus none of them spoke French. Any guesses who almost never made it where they needed to go??

I found this story in an interview on The ELO Network  as they interviewed ELO's Richard Tandy. They asked Richard:

AH:- Do you have a favourite ELO story?

RT:- There was a time in Paris once, when we all piled into the limousines outside the hotel and asked the driver to take us to the gig, and to our suprise he said (no (or non). There followed a heated discussion, and some of us knew a bit of French - like "allez" and "on y va" but the driver refused to budge, so you can imagine the situation - an intractable French driver with three young big-heads in the back. Anyway, as it turned out they were not our limousines, ours were around the corner. Excusez-moi!

AH:- Were there any low points for you whilst with ELO, i.e. the constant travelling?

RT:- No.

Wikipedia has this to say about Tandy’s part in ELO:

Tandy's keyboards would be an integral part of ELO's sound, and included piano, Minimoog, Clavinet, Oberheim, Wurlitzer Electric Piano,Mellotron,Yamaha CS-80,ARP 2600, and harmonium. He was also proficient on guitar. On some albums, he is credited with backing vocals, but it is not clear which songs he sings on. Tandy was Jeff Lynne's right-hand man in the studio and co-arranged the strings with Lynne and Louis Clark from Eldorado onwards.

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