Tonight’s mystery artists found their current drummer at a ski resort in Maine.  Know who they are or his name??

Funny thing about this guy is the fact that he still lives in Windham, Maine and when he not on tour Jeff Neal still teaches U.S. World History and coaches College soccer. Busy guy.  So here is how Boston’s webpage tells his story:

Tom Scholz happened to see Jeff Neal performing with his band Punchbug at a ski resort in Maine, and the rest is history. Jeff joined the group in 2002, adding his energetic, entertaining style of drumming to the ’03 and ’04 tours, and excellent harmony vocal chops. Gary Pihl thinks very highly of him, saying, “Jeff is great to have in the band because he is so down to earth and matter of fact. He’s a great drummer and remarkable singer, but acts as if what he does is just like anybody else trying to do his job the best he can.

When not on tour with BOSTON, Jeff’s “other” job is teaching U.S. and World History at a local high school in his native Maine, where he lives with his wife and daughter. He also coaches soccer at the collegiate level, and is an avid player himself.

Tonight's featured song:


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