Tonight’s mystery artist is a low key rock icon who says he like to keep a low profile so the focus is on his music.  Any guess who he might be??

In an interview with the comparison was drawn between over the top artist like Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart and the low profile kept by Bad Company founder and front man Paul Rodgers.  The excerpt reads: That’s something that’s always struck me about you: in contrast to many of the other front men in England at that time — Robert Plant, Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart — you seemed pretty low-key and didn’t have a larger than life image, you let the music do the talking, as it were.

Paul Rodgers: It’s all I ever really wanted, to be honest. I’m not really a showbiz person at all. Some people embrace that, and that’s fine. It certainly sells records. But for me, I just like to keep a low profile and focus on the music and do the best shows I can.

And needless to say after creating ‘Free’, participating in ‘The Firm’ and fronting for the band ‘Queen for four years he has a reason to get a bit cocky if he wanted to.  Here is tonight’s featured song, written by Paul.

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