Tonight’s mystery artists have a member who opened for them as a solo act two years before he joined the band as a member.  Can you guess the band or the new guy??

Truth be told his meeting the band almost didn’t happen because his tour manager thought opening for a band was beneath him. You see Lawrence Gowan outside the US had both gold and platinum albums to his credit so when Styx contacted his manager to have him open for them they were told no.  Lawrence on the other hand wanted to see Styx play and the offer was for the new Montreal Forum which he also wanted to play in, and the rest is history.  Two years later when Dennis DeYoung would leave the band's leader 'JY' would tap him on the shoulder and he’d be the next permanent member of Styx. We saw him play here in Bangor last summer and they’ll be back again this year with REO Speedwagon and Don Felder.

Here is tonight's featured song:

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