Tonight’s mystery artist came up with a guitar riff and sang some random words with it.  He thought the line was kind of a joke but his band members convince him to keep it that way.  Can you guess the artist, song of the band??

This tidbit comes from Wikipedia about a song written by Brian May I had always wondered about ‘Tie Your Mother Down’.  The story goes:

Brian May started writing the song in Tenerife (the largest of the Spanish Canary Islands), while he was working for his Ph.D. as an astronomer. He composed the riff on a Spanish guitar, and woke up early one morning and played it while singing "tie your mother down," a line he considered a joke. Vocalist Freddie Mercury encouraged him to keep the line. "Tie Your Mother Down" opens with an ultra-heavy, stripped down Brian May guitar riff.

Here is tonight's featured song with Queen and the Foo Fighters. Different but fun.

And the classic version.

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