Tonight’s mystery artist had one that a misunderstood lyric that was so hard to explain what is was suppose to be instead they changed it. Can you guess the artist or the song??

I found this funny because I have been singing along with this lyric for decades and thinking to myself what a odd thing it was to stick "Bruce" in there. Now thanks to The Guardian asking Jeff Lynne the question we all know the answer behind the ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ chorus “Bruce”. Story went link this:

TG: I have to ask you about Don’t Bring Me Down …
JL: [Laughs] I know what you’re going to ask.
TG: What?
JL: About Bruce? It was supposed to be Grooss! And we had a German engineer who thought it was Gruß, which means “greetings”. I left it in and didn’t think anything more of it, but then we went on tour and everyone was singing “Bruce”. So I joined in and sang Bruce and I’ve sung it ever since. It reminds me of Monty Python. “Grooss” was just to fill a hole in the song. It’s easier to join in than to explain that it’s not Bruce, it’s actually spelled g-r-o-o-s-s … so I sing “Bruce” instead of explaining.

Tonight's featured song done live last year and he sounds just the same.  Cool.

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