Tonight’s mystery artists had a hit song whose main character was a composite of the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald and a girlfriend’s roommate. Can you guess the song or the band??

This was an interesting fact that came out in an interview in Rolling Stone with Don Henley about the song ‘Witchy Woman’ and it went like this:

 The female character in the song is a composite. I had been reading a book about the life of F. Scott Fitzgerald's troubled wife, Zelda, who, in her thirties and forties, drifted in and out of psychiatric hospitals suffering from schizophrenia (or more likely, bipolar disorder), while her husband's health and career spiraled downward, due to his abuse of alcohol.

He said the other inspiration for the character was his roommates girlfriend who was into the occult complete with Ouiji board, palm reading and séances, He said they considered themselves to be white witches.

Here is tonight's featured song from Don Henley.


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