Tonight’s mystery artist recently told a rock magazine that at this time of his life he’d rather write music for movies than tour with his band.  Can you guess who he might be??

The on-line rock magazine is Pitchfork. The conversation went on last June with a very busy Axl Rose.  During the interview Axl tells how it was singing with AC/DC. He talks about his desire to write a book and about his relationship with Slash. And this excerpt about composing for film:

When talking about his recent performances with AC/DC, Axl told the audience that Brian Johnson’s vocals were very demanding: “Sing it wrong you may not be singing again.” He also indicated interest in writing music for a film, partially because it makes up a bulk of his own personal listening, and that he “was more interested in that than staying in Guns N’ Roses.”

Here's Axl with tonight's featured song.