Tonight's mystery artists aren't together as a band anymore and since breaking up all of them have made movies about their experiences in the band.  Can you guess the band??

Now no one can argue that the egos in many of our favorite bands and be formidable and in the long run deadly to the band.  No where was that more true than with The Police.  So why wouldn't each one of the band take to the movie screen to give you their take on just what happened. The first to write a tell all and make a movie or rockumentary as he liked to call is was Stewart Copeland with "Everyone Stares - The Police Inside Out" using film from a Super 8 camera he bought back in 1978.

The man they all seem to agrees ego took down the band for a solo career, which Summers says succeeded to everyone's amazement, Sting.1985 British-American documentary which focused on the jazz-inspired project and band led by the British musician Sting during the early stages of his solo career. The film was released in 2005.

Not to be out done, then came Andy Summer's "Can't Stand Losing You, Surviving The Police" which was release in 2012. Nothing dramatic sounding about that.

But first back to happier days with tonight's featured song.

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