Tonight’s mystery had two big hits in the states but have actually produced twenty-six studio albums and nearly a dozen live albums sold sell overseas. Can you guess the band??

Wow I said when I read this fact about Golden Earring in Discussion Magazine. The band has been around as long as the Stones but with only Radar Love and Twilight Zone hitting for them in the US.  Oddly enough the article says this fact has allowed the band to be more true to themselves and not have to cater to the tastes of the US. The article also encourages lovers of Golden Earring to seek out their new box set, saying:

“Currently acknowledging their Silver Anniversary by hitting the road (again) this year, the band did not intend to put together yet another hit collection to commemorate the occasion. Instead, their record company worked behind the scenes and put together the ultimate tribute to the band: a twenty-nine CD box entitled THE COMPLETE STUDIO RECORDINGS, a glorious set that contains all twenty-six studio albums plus three CDs of non-album tracks.

Here is tonight’s featured song.

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