Tonight’s mystery artist incensed his bandmates when they found out after the fact that he had piggybacked a solo record deal on the tail end of the band’s contract with their record company. Can you guess who our band might be or its self entitled member??

This uncomfortable moment in the history of this band came to light in an autobiography by band member Keith Richards called “Life” Bringing to light the band in question being the Rolling Stones and the member who did the side deal? If you guessed Mick, you’ve got it in one. The story of what they saw as a real betrayal however was told by the band’s most unassuming character Charlie Watts. Charlie tells of how angry he and the others were to find out after they had signed a new record contract with CBS that the deal included several solo albums for Mick Jagger.  Yeah, not mentioning the deal until after it was done to the group did not go over well as you might have imagined.

Here is tonight's featured song.

Here an excerpt of the deal as told by Charlie.

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