Tonight’s featured artist said that when he was in a crunch to write new music he listened to Dwayne Eddie, Roy Orbison and Bob Dylan for inspiration. He goes on to describe himself as not a revolutionary musician but more of an alchemist who puts things together and then add his own spin. Can you guess who that might be??

This information came to me from a BBC interview with Bruce Springsteen. He was tasked to write the first song for his new album. He had made two flops and he needed a hit.  So by listening to these artists and working long hours he created’ Born To Run’. Bruce says the album of the same name took 6 months to write and six months to record. At the end of it he was happy with it and by that point the record company was doubtful.  Must have been quite a relief.

Here he is with tonight's featured song.


And here is the BBC interview.  If you have the time it is a good one.

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