Tonight’s mystery artist’s said that after 20 some odd hits with his band he was sick of it all so he walked away. Can you guess who he is or what the band might have been??

I got this off a CBS This Morning interview from a few years ago done with newly inducted Hall of Famer Jeff Lynne. A really interesting story about how after all those hits he was just tired of it so he walked away. Almost immediately his friend George Harrison asked for his help producing an album and after that Tom Petty stopped him on the street to ask him to do the same. After that was being a part of the Traveling Wilburys . Jeff says the weird thing about that was being billed as himself and most people didn’t even know who he was. Finally coaxed back into performing ELO tunes by a British DJ Jeff Lynne's ELO opened the first night back on stage after a 28 year hiatus to over 10 thousand fans.

Here is tonight's featured song.

The interview.

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