Tonight’s mystery artists are in a legal battle over the right to use the band name for their recent tour. Can you guess the band embroiled in the squabble??

I once saw the question, when does a band stop being that band once the original members are mostly gone? Appears the answer in the case of Jefferson Starship is after the founding members don’t agree you can call it that any more. The legal battle was recently reported on as the interviewed former Jefferson Starship guitarist Craig Chaquico. Craig says that the band coming to Maine soon is in breach of contract even though it contains two original members David Freyberg and Donny Baldwin. Word has it that back in 1985 all the members of the band signed an agreement saying that unless all members gave permission to use the name ‘Jefferson Starship’ for the use of tours, merchandise, etc. it was Bozo No-No and they do not have Chaquico’s permission.

Here is tonight's featured song from a more harmonious time.

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