Tonight’s mystery artist wrote the song that inspired Stephen King to write the classic novel ‘The Stand’  Can you guess the song or who wrote it? 

This information came to me from a Herald Tribune interview with Donald Roeser, or as we refer to him Buck Dharma from Blue Oyster Cult. And the song that so inspired Bangor’s own Stephen King was ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’

Buck told the paper that he had been afraid of death in his youth so he decided to write it a love song. He says despite many people guessing what it is about, it is about life after death. Buck also got to meet King when they asked him for the rights to use it in the movie ‘The Stand’.  Needless to say the song is a classic of which Buck Dharma is very proud  that has now been part of several films and even parodied by Saturday Night Live which Buck called Brilliant. Seriously, who doesn’t want more cowbell?

And here they are with tonight's featured song live.

Need more cowbell?

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