Tonight’s mystery artist when not performing with the band can fly helicopters, speak fluent Spanish and when struggling with a solo career for a bit took a job as an EMT in New York.  Any idea who he is or who he plays with??

I found this interesting little history in the Tampa Bay Times as they listed unusual facts about Van Halen.  And our EMT? David Lee Roth.  Can you imagine being in an accident or calling for an ambulance and having David roll up? Me neither. Stranger than fiction, the site says that after being the front-man for Van Halen since 1974 in 1985 David decided that he was ready for a solo career. Things not being as easy as he thought they might be and struggling to pay the bills he trained to be an emergency medical technician and went on more than 200 calls with paramedics. Well at least we know from the recent biography "Runnin' With The Devil' former their manager Noel Monk, he knows how to fasten a straitjacket.

Here they are with tonight's featured song.


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