Tonight’s mystery artists had a video of the year award for a video the band leader didn’t like and almost put the kibosh to. Think you know who the band is or the song the video was for??

This band was cutting edge for many reasons according to Axs. For example they put out the first CD to sell over a million copies. Which CD was that you ask? That would be ‘Brothers In Arms’ by Dire Straits. The video in question off that album was “Money For Nothing”. The video for this tune was animated which had never been done before and Mark Knopfler hated it.  Since the song was a statement about flashy videos that Mark personally held he did feel the video went along with that.  It was his girlfriend that finally convinced him it was what the song needed and he grudgingly gave in. The rest is history as the band was awarded with the Video of the Year award at the third annual VMAs.

And the award goes to...

Here it is done live.

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