Tonight’s mystery artist as a boy sold his train set to buy a guitar and before finding the right band he did everything from writing music for movies to driving a cab. Think you know who he might be or the band he finally found??

A music lover from the tender age of 11 it was Tom Cochrane who sold his toy train set to get his first guitar. His own site tells this story. He continued to pursue a career in music but after finishing work in Los Angeles composing the music for a movie called ‘My Pleasure is My Business’ starring Xaviera Hollander, safe to say it was not a Disney film, he went back to Canada. From that point on he did many jobs. He even went to sea working on a cruise ship before finally finding and joining Red Rider in the 80’s.  He soon became lead singer of the group and together, they released a total of five albums and one collection album.

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