Tonight’s mystery has put out 22 studio albums, been nominated for 13 Grammy Awards and was a father at the tender age of 18. Think you can figure out who this talented individual might be?? 

One of our favorite performers and all around good guy, Farm Aid Co-Founder John Mellencamp would be that guy. Off ppcorn’s 15 things you didn’t know these are the three that took my notice:

  • Just after graduating High School he eloped with his girlfriend and six months later he had his first child…you do the math.
  • His Album ‘Plain Spoken’ from 2014 pushed his number to 22 studio albums since his first album in 1976.
  • Nominated for 13 Grammy Awards tonight’s featured song from 1982 is the one that won him Best Male Rock Performer ‘Hurts So Good”


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