Tonight’s mystery artist struggled playing guitar right handed until one day he saw a poster of Slim Whitman playing left handed and the rest is rock and roll history. Think you know who our lefty might be??

I found this tale on the site for Gibson. Fact is our lefty's dad wanted him to play the trumpet and gave him one for his 14th birthday but the young man wasn’t having it.  Soon after he went back to the store and traded it for an acoustic guitar but then struggled to play it right handed. Luck for us before he gave up completely our young Paul McCartney happened upon a poster of Slim Whitman playing left handed.  So he went home, flipped his over, restrung it and soon after wrote his first song “I lost My Little Girl” Thank God for the yodeling Slim.

Here is tonight's featured song.

The first song he ever wrote.


And Slim Whitman out of appreciation. Also rumor has it this was the poster he saw.

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