Tonight’s mystery artists had a look chosen for them by director Ridley Scott for a reason that had very little to do with their music. Can you guess the band or the look??

I found this life turning look moment in an ET online article about The Police.  Seem that in 1977 before the band was famous but still trying to pay the bills they audition for and got a part in a commercial for Wrigley’s gum as a “non descript” punk band.  The commercial was to be directed by director Ridley Scott of Alien, Blade Runner, The Martian and Thelma and Louise fame to name just a few.  So back to the boys, for the TV commercial Ridley decided that the guys in the pretend band should all be blonde, so dutifully the guys all dyed their hair to platinum and Voila! the looks stuck. And the commercial? It never aired once. Oh well, I think they did ok anyway.

Here they are with tonight’s featured song.

Just for fun...this is how Wrigley's rolled back in those day.

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