Tonight’s mystery artist when tying the knot for the 5th time decided to grace his fan with a Pay Per View invitation. Think you know who was wed on TV ??

For this couple public displays of their love are pretty common place honestly. Wikipedia tells how back in 2011 Journey’s Neal Schon claimed his intentions towards a married “Real Housewife” Michaele Salahi who abruptly left her husband and began dating Neal. To continue their affair with the public Neal proposed on stage during a charity concert in Baltimore offering Michaele an oval 11.42carat diamond ring . But that would not be the end of their performance-romance. The couple married on December 15, 2013, in a 3 hour pay-per-view event billed out at $14.95 for the three hour wedding. The event was broadcast live from the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. The couple capitalized on the event again when the San Francisco Board of Supervisors would agree to pay the couple $290,000 in response to a lawsuit that had accused the city of improperly permitting the wedding's organizers to increase their fees after learning of the pay-per-view arrangements.

Here is tonight's featured song.

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