Tonight’s mystery artist has a hit that was once included in a demo to Epic Records called ‘San Francisco Day’ which was flatly turned down with the insult the song and sound was nothing new.  Think you know what the song was renamed or who would eventually make it a hit??

To be fair Epic wasn’t the only one to reject the demos according to Wikipedia, The group received rejection slips from several labels such as RCA, Capitol, Atlantic and Elektra also. And here is a big giveaway, other songs on the demo included "More Than a Feeling", "Peace of Mind", "Rock & Roll Band", "Something About You", “San Francisco Day” which turned into "Hitch a Ride"  and "Don't Be Afraid" which would be eventually released on Don't Look Back. So now you know it was Tom Scholz who never gave up and eventually made history with the band Boston.

Here is tonight's featured song.  Video quality isn't the best but it featured Brad and to me that makes it worth it.

Just for fun.


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