Tonight’s mystery artist was putting together a compilation album when he came across an old unedited version of one of their hit songs. He liked what he had found so much better than the one they original released he chose to put the alternative version on the new album. Think you know the song or the artist who prefers things more uncut??

This is the story of Jeff Lynne’s song ‘Do Ya’. The song has an interesting history because although Jeff wrote the song it was Todd Rundgren who did the first released version. In fact in later years when ELO first started performing it in their live shows they did it mostly so people would know that the song was Jeff’s. So in 2000 when Jeff was putting together an ELO compilation album he came across the alternate uncut version of ‘Do Ya’ and he loved it.  You can hear it below and see what you think.

Here is tonight's featured song.

Here is the uncut version.

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