Tonight’s mystery artist has one ex-band member who said he’s shot him twice. Bet you can guess who it is but think you know how it happened??

The story comes from ultimate guitar in an interview with Eddie Trunk ex Tad Nugent band member. Bet you guessed that one. Ted wasn’t flying off the handle though. According to Eddie:

"He shot me in the leg. We're out shotgun hunting in winter and he shot me in the leg.
"And then we're - in the '80s - He's shooting at a target and it ricochets back and hits me in the arm. And I was like, 'Holy shit, this guy's dangerous.' But yeah, it's pretty wild."

Guess we’ll call these two "owies" by misadventure. No big wonder Eddie moved on though.

Here is the Nuge with tonight's featured song. No worries the guitar isn't loaded.

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