The Beatles have the White album and tonight’s mystery artist also has an album referred to by its color because it has no name on it either.  Do you remember the artist or the album??

The album came out in 1987 according to AXS and it didn't have a name or cover. Just pictures. The pictures in this distinctive cover image were shot in Stockwell Road, London, SW9 in the midst of the rows of red Pride & Clark auto shops. For this reason Sammy Hagar’s solo album is referred to as the "Red" album.  When asked why it was produced this was Sammy said:

“I didn't want to distract from what I thought were wonderful pictures”.

Here is the cover.

BGO Records
BGO Records

Seems like in later pressings they added his name to the cover and that is how you find it now on-line.

Here is the Red Rocker with tonight’s featured song.

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