Tonight’s mystery artist says when he writes music he gets a picture in his head and then he illustrates it in musical terms. We know the rockers turned artists can you guess this artist turned musician??

I got this methodology out of an interview on NJ Arts with the band leader celebrating the groups 50th anniversary this year, Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull.  Originally an art student Ian notes how many artists get famous once their dead but he wanted something more immediate than that which is why music’s immediacy appealed to him. Ian says the two mediums aren’t that far apart so in his mind it was an easy transition.He said:

“ Words like tone and line and form and color … these are the same words that applied in the world of music too. To this day, I still tend to write lyrics and sometimes music with a picture in my head. I illustrate, in musical terms, something that is a visual reference.”

Jethro Tull will be performing their 50th Anniversary show in Medford Mass. On September 11th at the Chevalier Theatre.

Here he is with tonight’s featured song.

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