A famous author once said of his regrets was never getting to work on a song or story with tonight’s mystery artist. Think you know who that person is??

I found this quote in The Guardian as it talked about the composing skills of Warren Zevon. They said that you could never really compare his style to other musicians because his songs read more like a highly detailed story. To that facts one of his friends, according to the article, Stephen King had remarked:

"One thing I regret, is that we never got a chance to collaborate on a song or story."

They go on to confirm the story by his recompense of dedicating his 2013 horror novel, Dr Sleep, to Zevon. Dr Sleep, which is a follow up to 'The Shining' is due to be released in a film version in November of this year.


Here is Warren on his final TV performance with David Letterman with tonight's featured song.

Here is Stephen talking about the film.

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