JStew & Cori here... From this morning's Throwback Thursday show, and we wanted to know: What's your favorite Holiday movie or TV special from childhood?

JStew: That's a toughie. Well, first off, in 4th grade I played Charlie Brown in the school play when we did Charlie Brown's Christmas. But if I had to pick one all on my own, it's likely gotta be the Rudolph special. I mean, Yukon Cornelius is about as badass as any Christmas character could be. As opposed to the elf who wanted to be a dentist. He's obviously a big fraidy-cat. But I also pretty much love anything with stopped animation. I'm a nostalgic old softy, really.

Cori: For me, in childhood, it was The Grinch and Rudolph. Those two specials signaled to me that Christmas was near. (My family always watched The Sound Of Music a few nights before Christmas while we decorated the tree, so I recognize that as a Christmas movie, even though it doesn't really have much to do with the season.) When I was a bit of a bigger kid, the Home Alone movies kind of became some of my favorites.

A lot of you liked the same ones we did too. But let's check out the list and see who liked what.....

Cheryl McManus The original Grinch
Susan Turmel Duh, Home Alone....
Doug Springer The year without a Santa Claus! A very close second was Emmett otters jug band Christmas.
Kari Jo Davis Rudolf, baby new year, Santa clause is coming to town, frosty, Charlie brown, and emmitt otter's jug band Christmas
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