JStew: Honestly, I didn't really like school. Which is strange, because I'm fascinated with learning. I enjoy a good challenge, and am always up for learning a new way of doing something. And the more I think about it, I was probably pretty difficult to get along with. It was so bad, a teacher actually hit me once. No joke. In front of the whole class. Imagine if that happened today? Well, you'd be reading about it on Twitter and Facebook before you'd be hearing about it here, haha.

Cori: My favorite memories of school came from chorus class. I loved music and always had the best music teachers. My least favorite came from math class. My math teachers were awesome, and I have fond memories of them as people, but I always had such anxiety about math that it still gives me the sweats when I think about having to do anything more than basic math.

We asked you to share your favorite/least favorite thing/memory about school and here's what you had to say:

Megan Bridges
Best: Math, Worst: Gym Class. Now I love them both though!
Dennis Bean
Favorite part was confusing sooo many people which one i was...Dennis...or Dan?? And we did switch classes a time or 2.
Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and beard, text that says "IMNOT I'M NOT DANIEL I'M DENNIS NOT"
Cheryl McManus Favorite subject-Mythology, least favorite-being bullied
Justin Choiniere Favorite: Horticulture, Least favorite:English
Wendy Clewley I had a 3rd grade teacher that I was terrified of,One day she got in my face with her pointing her fingers at my face yelling while she practically pinned me against the wall.It was my worst nightmare that I will never forget & from that day after I remembered hating school.But the positive thing here & kind of ironic is that this teacher that I had in 3rd grade my daughter had & she was my daughters favorite teacher of all!Ahh that Vine street school teacher,I wonder if there is anyone out there that remembers that moment of my terror.
Debra Dudley Really disliked typing class
Lynn Hatch Sension Least favorite: Being called on by the teacher. 😳 I was a good student, I was just painfully shy. Favorite: all the books!! And several amazing teachers.
Craig Florey Bored in English alot of times. However Mr. Floyd made me super interested in History and Politics.
Melissa Avery Burns FAVORITE: Art... and home-ec in Jr. High ----- LEAST FAVORITE: Math, without question.
Kelly Tracy I hated gym and would do anything to get out of it. At John Bapst I would always go in the weight room and exercise my hands and wrists for the entire class, I could beat everyone at peaknuckles 😂
Elena Soro Florey My favorite was philosophy, my least was physics...
Stefanie Brooks Duron I hated PE because I didn’t know how to play ball games, and all the other kids made fun of me. 😞
Doug Fogg I hated Social Studies class. I never understood how anyone could make such an interesting subject so boring! I would sit there in class and think how I would do it better.....and look what happened!
Aaron Hart Good memory: getting detention because I skipped study hall with two friends and did homework outside on the softball field bleachers. #badass Only two of us had to do detention, which rankles...
Melanie Makin I have to say that having Mr Glueck in 6th grade was the awesomest thing ever. Every subject became fun and multidisciplinary. And we had such fun classroom jokes. We'd go and "bushwhack" Mr Chilelli's room. He hung his pickled appendix from the dry erase board at Christmas. When you said "none" instead of "zero" he'd draw the zero, then give it a little wimple and pious face and call it "Sister Mary Math." He taught us the Russian alphabet and gave us Russian words as extra credit on spelling tests. It was a great year.
Sandra Lyn My favorite part of the day in high school is easy: CHORUS!!! I have loved singing as far back as I can recall? So probably since I was 4 to 5yrs old.
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