I bet if you asked a group of elementary school students what they most looked forward to during the school day (aside from recess) many of them would answer: story time.

Let's face it, there's something magical about having someone read a book out loud to you--especially if it has amazing illustrations. Unfortunately for many students in Maine who are in distance learning situations, that experience is something they may be missing out on.

Thanks to some Bangor High School Student Council members, that may change. On the Bangor High Facebook Page last week, it was announced that members of the Student Council had just completed a project to help remote learning kids in the school system enjoy story time once more.

"Bangor High School Student Council members recorded a selection of the 2020-2021 nominee picture books for the annual Chickadee Awards."

The recordings were then posted to YouTube for remote students to access.

Among the different titles offered are "Beware Of The Crocodile" by Martin Jenkins, "The Cool Bean" by Jory John and Pete Oswald, "The Donkey Egg" by Janet Stevens and "I Am Not A Fish" by Peter Raymundo.

You can check out these selections and more via the Bangor School Department Website here.

What great example these older students are setting for the younger ones. I'm sure parents, teachers and students alike appreciate that these Student Council kids are helping to bring back the fun of read alouds to students who can't be in the school to experience them in person.


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