Tonight’s mystery artist says a turning point in his life was when he realized that you can’t be loved by everyone so he stopped trying. Think you know who had this shift in mindset??

This turn of thinking came from a Rolling Stone interview with Ric Ocasek of The Cars. In the article he actually talks about how the whole band struggled with going from being viewed as worthless to viewed as everything and the expectation that went along with their new found fame. His peace of mind however came when he stopped trying to be loved by everyone, telling the magazine:

 “The joke of the whole thing: you can’t be loved by everybody. I know that, and I’ve really come to accept it. That denial of love, in fact, eases my mind.” “Now, when I put my work out for the” — Ocasek hesitates, then chuckles— “for the dogs, I’m well aware that some will like it and some won’t. It’s a tough thing to do, but I don’t always like to give people what they expect.”

And he has continued to expand those chances now that along with his music he has put his paintings in a gallery.

Here is Ric with the band and tonight's featured song.

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