Tonight’s mystery artist says he was told by an angel that he was going to make a new album and that it was going to do well and low and behold after years without producing a hit that is just what happened. Think you know who this is??

This story comes to us from an interview in 2000 between Rolling Stone and Carlos Santana. After many difficult years Carlos through meditation says he has connected with an angel named Metatron who is our architect of physical life. He says back in the 90’s Metatron came to him he told Rolling Stone:

“You will be inside the radio frequency,” Metatron told him, “for the purpose of connecting the molecules with the light.” Carlos Santana understood. He would make a new album and be on the radio again. And he would connect the molecules with the light: He would connect an audience with some of the spiritual information he now had. Metatron offered a further instruction: “Be patient, gracious and grateful,” Santana was told, and he resolved to do just that.

The result was Supernatural. Other interesting things Carlos says about talking with angels is it makes him feel embraced by Jesus, not bound by DNA and bathed in light. Cool.  The Rolling Stone article is long but a fascinating look at the life of Santana.

Hree is Carlos with tonight's featured song.

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