Tonight’s mystery artists parted with his band they say because of his smoking habit. Can you guess the band or our chain smoker??

This smoking story was the parting of the ways between original lead singer Brian Connolly and the band Sweet.  AXS tells how just one year after the band hit gold with ‘Love is Like Oxygen’ Brian quit citing the pursuit of a solo career. And although that may have been true Sweet bassist  Steve Priest told Focus the Mix that they were going that way regardless because he was always losing his voice from chain smoking, saying:

“A lot of the songs were really up there – and he smoked like a chimney. So he used to lose his voice a lot,”

He also told them that alcohol was also a problem adding:  “He used to have a couple of drinks before interviews. Then he’d arrive and he’d be drunk as a skunk.”  Connolly died in 1997 at a mere 51.

Here's Sweet with tonight's featured song.

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