Tonight’s mystery artist blamed his vegetable garden as the reason he left his original band. Can you think who this might have been??

This unusual statement was found in an interview with the quietus as the reason given by Peter Gabriel when he quit Genesis when they were on the verge of becoming international superstars.  Apparently he had some needy cabbages, but that aside the final straw was his desire and need at that time to be home with his family. There had been complications with his daughter Ann-Marie’s birth which would lead to six months of her fighting for her very life and Peter was not about to leave her side. So as the site recalls:

Despite being massively in debt and just about to hit paydirt, he ditched his career to become a family man and start creatively from scratch.

Good news is I think we can all agree he did O.K. on his own. Tonight's featured song according to Wikipedia says was written by Peter about his departure from Genesis.

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