Tonight’s mystery artist has been playing drums with a band for almost 10 years yet he says he isn’t sure they are going to keep him. Guesses which band is keeping their drummer in the dark?

My opinion is this guy has nothing to worry about since the band he is playing in is his dad’s band Cheap Trick. Still when interviewed by ‘Rolling Stone magazine’ Rick Nielsen’s son Daxx , who has been the drummer for the band since 2010 said this:

“There was never a thing where anyone said, ‘Hey, you’re the full-time drummer, I still to this day don’t know that I’m the permanent guy yet. I’m in the promotional pictures and I’m on the new album, but I’m not in the Cheap Trick Corporation. I’m not a primary … whatever you call it. I have no stock in the company, and I don’t make the decisions. But this is still all a dream come true.”

Here they are with tonight's featured song.

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