Tonight’s mystery artist once had one of their concert described as the most horrifying thing the writer had seen since WWII. Can you guess the band or why he’d say that??

The statement was made back in 1976 to the Pittsburgh Press by Joseph Finegold. Good news is it wasn’t anything the band was playing or doing that prompted the comment. According to Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top it was because things got a little out of hand at Three Rivers Stadium that night. Billy told The Post Gazette:

“It was just that, well, things got a little out of control that day at Three Rivers Stadium, where not only did a bison — yes, a bison — briefly get loose but fans were injured in a bottle-throwing clash with security. The headlines read “250 injured” among a crowd estimated to be as high as 70,000 before that casualty figure settled to more like 98.”

Here’s the band on a quieter day with tonight’s featured song which the guys say is a surfing term for shooting through the curl of a wave.

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