Tonight’s mystery artist played frat parties in his first band. At one of them he saw a drunk guy on metal crutches got a shock from standing in a puddle of beer. Can you guess who got this strange education at the age of 12??

This story comes from Rolling Stone about the Doobie Brother’s Michael McDonald. As a tween he was in a band with his friends that was managed by his older sister Kathy. She booked them at a lot of frat parties. Michael says there was a lot of beer and girls dancing in their underwear. So the drunk story:

“ We must have been doing this repetitious nonsense song called ‘Hot Pastrami’ for at least an hour, and some guy on metal crutches came up, a little drunk, and he goes, ‘Let me sing, let me sing!’ We were loud more than talented, and I could barely make out what he was saying, so I said, ‘Sure, come on up . . . if you can.’ So this kid came up, and he was singing the dirty words to ‘Hot Pastrami’ and then I heard this rumble, and I was afraid to look. This guy had shocked himself by standing in a pool of beer with metal crutches while holding onto the microphone, and now he was laying on the floor. Every time he tried to get back up, he got shocked and fell back down. It was a sick sight, but there was definitely some humor there.”

Much to his dad’s alarm when he came to pack them up and take them home. Michael says he kept saying this isn’t what life is like and little did he know Michael had already decided that rock and roll was going to be his life.

Here are the Doobies, no Michael, with tonight's featured song.

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