Tonight’s mystery artist had to recently admonish a crowd for rushing the chorus as they sang along at a concert.  Any guess who’s that comfortable with his audience??

I’ll give you a hint it happened at last weekend Farm Aid while John Mellencamp did an acoustic version of Jack and Diane. During the weekend in the pouring rain in Wisconsin John sang many of his hit and when the crowd rushed ahead on the song John stopped the show and Rolling Stone reports :

He gently admonished the crowd when they sang along, but rushed ahead to the “oh yeah, life goes on part” too early. “No, no, no,” he said. “That’s the chorus. There’s two verses and then the chorus. You skipped a verse!

They went on to tell how much more intense Farm Aid was this year in Wisconsin which has had an alarming number of farms vanish in the last few years.

Here he is at Farm Aid giving them the low down.

If you don't know what Farm Aid is all about. When this report was done they say Farm Aid had raised over 50 million dollars for American Farmers. Wow.

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