Tonight’s mystery artist’s told his classic rock band that he’d only tour again if they’d release a new album. Ergo they are going to do it. Think you know who feels the need to progress??

Well as it turns I found this statement on I95rocks. The story tells that Pete Townsend has been writing new songs for years. It then goes on to say that when he presented them to Roger Daltry he was less than excited about any of them. Roger even suggested that Pete release a solo album instead which he flatly refused insisting that these were WHO songs. So after much wrangling and freedom to tweak the melodies Roger agreed to record what he is now calling the best album since Quadrophenia.  The WHO is currently touring and Pete says producing the new album was a stipulation of him going along.  Let’s hope Roger is right and the new album is amazing.

Here's hoping they can find a new generation. Here is tonight's very wild video of our featured song.


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