Tonight’s mystery artists had taken a break and weren’t getting along. This song and the album it was on told the story of them making up and moving forward.  Can you guess the band, song or album?

This story come from two sources really,songfacts  and Wikipedia tell similar accounts of how the Rolling Stones came up with the song Rock and a Hard Place and came back together to record Steel Wheels. It was Mick and Keith who both sites say where not getting along. Wikipedia cites the liner notes from the 'Jump Back' album where Keith said:

“Mick and I hadn't got together in four years since ‘Dirty Work’, but as soon as we met up in Barbados for a fortnight, with a couple guitars and pianos, everything was fine."

All forgiven, I guess you could say the rest is rock and roll history.

Here they are with the song that had them back on track.

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