Tonight’s mystery artist has a bit of an attitude against the magazine Rolling Stone once saying the only thing he’d use it for is keeping it on hand in case he runs out of toilet paper. Think you know who has lost patience with the publication?

This came to me from azquotes although I found it in many places. Our disgruntled rocker in this case is Journey’s Neal Schon. The exact quote:

The only thing I use the Rolling Stone for is toilet paper when I run out.

Truth told, I went looking to see how the magazine had twisted Neal’s tail so irrevocable only to find that the list of band they have given poor reviews to is a who’s who of rock. In the list of 'Rolling Stone’s 500 Worst Reviews' you find unfavorable reviews of The Beatles ‘Abbey Road’, Led Zeppelin II, Santana, Jethro Tull 'Aqualung', heck even Elvis to name just a few. Yikes?! Who do they like? I confess I never did find Journey’s review in that list I did find their review of 'Escape' and it wasn't very nice.

And from the Rolling Stone poohed upon album, tonight's featured song.

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