Tonight's mystery artist says he is sick of musicians that whine and cry about touring and thinks they are not being appreciative.  Think you know who this grateful dude might be??

I got this from an interview on The Blade with George Thorogood who told them:

He said he gets tired of whiny musicians who don’t realize they are part of a small percentage of people who get to do what they love for a living, especially those able to break through into the highly competitive music industry.

George went on to tell how from an early age all he wanted to do was play guitar and get paid to do it.

He says there are rockers that you can see how much they love and appreciate what the get  to  do for a living just by watching them play. George goes on to gives the examples of Keith Richards, whom he said just “seems so friggin’ happy” and  Paul McCartney.

Here's our thankful musician with tonight's featured song.

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