Tonight’s mystery artists started one of their hits as an anti-war song with a Gregorian chant for the chorus. The chant turned into a girl’s name and the anti-war song morphed into a love song.  Think you know what is might be or who wrote it??

This description of the song writing process was told to Song Facts by Donnie Iris answering the question , who is Leah? According to Iris he wrote the song with band mate Mark Avsec in his basement around a piano. They had hopes the hook for their anti-war song would sound like a chant but in the end it sounded like they were saying Ah Leah. Coming to this realization and having fond memories of an actual girl named Leah who had dated one of their friends they swapped the whole thing over from anti-war to love song and in the end were much happier with it.

Here's Donnie with tonight's featured song.

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