Tonight’s mystery artist is an amazing drummer but also a well known photographer who admits in the early years he was annoying with his camera. Think you can name this shutterbug??

I found this admission of over enthusiasm in an interview between Billboard Magazine and Mick Fleetwood. Mick’s photography has sold for thousands of dollars and is currently on exhibition in the Mouche Gallery in Maui and Beverly Hills.  His subject are broad ranged from band mates to butterflies to landscapes and he has a very good eye.  Mick admits though that in the beginning of his hobby he was snapping pictures incessantly to the band’s dismay, saying:

"I was the annoying guy with the camera way back in the day when I first started touring with John. Everyone used to go “Ah! Here is the busy body with the camera. This joker. Get out of here.” But now they appreciate them. It’s like being in a family where you’re like, “Thank God dad forced us to take all those pictures.”

Here is the gang with tonight’s featured song.

Let's take a peek into thee Mouche Gallery

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